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Lately I’m obsessed with having a garden and, well, with 10 years of piano lessons under the belt, this just tugged on my heart’s strings. 

Lately I’m obsessed with having a garden and, well, with 10 years of piano lessons under the belt, this just tugged on my heart’s strings. 

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Your Lifestyle Choices Have Consequences


Derek Holland Sans Mustache: 1.2 IP, 8 H, 8 ER, 2 BB, 2 SO 

Freddie Freeman Augmented By Goggles: 3-for-5, 1 HR, 1 2B, 3 RBI, 2 R

Now, I’m not saying that having a mustache and wearing goggles would make you an unstoppable baseball machine, one that was just as comfortable blowing mid-90s heat by batters as you would be smashing giant taters, but I’m not not saying that either. 

Also, this is important for some reason: 

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Albert Pujols: a Follow-up

Since I graduated college, I don’t have the energy to write up my own collective thoughts on Pujols finally hitting a lack-luster home run, but I figure since someone else did, I’d share the link. So click away my darlings. 

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Albert Pujols

This guy. Apparently the Cardinals knew something that the rest of us didn’t. Maybe we all should have been a tad bit startled when the 2011 World Series Champs weren’t fighting to reclaim their prize. We probably should have been slightly agog when we noticed that Pujols was shipping out to a team like the Angles and not the Yankees who tend to pay a lot for a name. Basically we only have ourselves to blame for being the slightest bit surprised that Albert can’t seem to get the white thing off the wooden thing into the chair things.

He’s batting just under .200 which is almost pitcher-y, but he’s hopeful. No one else is. But he is. And I guess that’s great. He hasn’t won the favor of Los Angeles. St. Louis is basically being smug and otherwise irrelevant this season. Everyone else doesn’t really care at all so Pujols sucking is just kinda awful for LA because they’re stuck with him until 2022. He’s excited. He thinks they’ll love him eventually, and they may, but it’s not looking good. At this point, his first homer with be on Sports Center’s Top 10 and we’ll all be excited for like 10 minutes. But then we’ll get over it because it’s not that impressive that he finally found himself again. 

Maybe they’ll make a movie about it or at least produce some Tebow-esque inspirational segment on ESPN. 

Read more about the fallen Angel here.

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I love baseball...and I'm not sorry

This is about the championship ring for the St. Louis Cardinals. And as I am finally getting over the fact that the Braves basically handed them the opportunity to win it all, I am able to confidently say, I like the ring. I’d never wear it, but that’s mostly because it’s too huge for my delicate feminine hands and it seems a little high school to be wearing some athlete’s ring. but anyway, this ring is worth more than your house and it’s pretty. It also tells the story of the 2011 season for the Cards which was pretty incredible for them, while a bit of a tragedy for me and all of Atlanta. BUT they used to be all we had around here until the Braves’ arrival, so for old times’ sake, I can be supportive. 

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Damn It Darcy.

This is the second little rant I have posted related to Pride and Prejudice. Still one of my favorites, but I’m starting to hate Mr. Darcy. Which is a really big thing for me to own up to and probably sufficient grounds for some to de-friend me on Facebook. He didn’t give me unreal expectations about love or make me want to marry a fictional character so we should all just put our hats back on and keep reading. 

Here’s why I am frustrated with the Man-of-Every-Girl’s-Dream:

I’m not in love with him.

Plain and simple. I think I’m supposed to be. I think I’m also supposed to be like Elizabeth Bennett, which I am not. We all want to relate to one of the Jane Austen heroines, especially Elizabeth, but I just don’t really relate to them and as a girl/woman (**insert Britney Spears “I’m Not a Girl” here**) of the 2010s I think that’s okay. 

I know he’s all brooding and haughty at first which is supposed to draw me in with the whole “want-what-I-can’t-have” mentality or at the very least want the guy who sticks to his guns and doesn’t rub that he’s right in your face. And in my heart of hearts, which many people doubt I have, I guess it’s there. But honestly, I don’t think guys have to be like that to win my affections. I attract a lot of trouble and a lot of Wickhams. Why? Because I’m easy to talk to and enjoy listening to the idiocy that is my sweet friends’ lives. I mean none of these adventurers have tried to woo my hott (two T’s) and brooding acquaintance’s really young sister so I feel rather justified in not refusing their friendship. I don’t want to marry these clowns, but like I don’t want to bury them, ya know. 

Either way, I don’t love Darcy. I don’t even really love the idea of Darcy. If he’s mean at first and uninterested then I’m going to take my hint and most likely move on. So now I’m the weird one for not really loving this guy who everyone else adores….like Bruno Mars. That’s why this thing is titled “Damn it Darcy.” Because I’m having to realize that Pemberly just isn’t my future life. Neither is the army in the North, but l like to think maybe there’s a Bingley with a little spunk and nice little set up at Netherfield. I wouldn’t complain. Although his hott (two T’s) and brooding bestie could create some issues for the triumph of our sub-plot of a novel. 

So, WANTED: Hott (Two T’s) and brooding man. Must have a dapper and funny friend who makes you look like the evil and pretentious bastard I will think you are until you reveal some aspect of a heart which will inevitably draw us into a sweet friendship but nothing more. Write back with a rude response and said friend’s contact information. We can discuss the inferiority of my family/birth if you wish.